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Why newborn photography?

Why newborn photography and why I will never shoot a wedding…

Because I believe in focusing on doing what makes your heart sing, what you love and do your very best at..

perth baby photographer

Newborn photography is so much more than just placing a sleepy baby in a fun hat on a soft throw and clicking a few buttons… I meet new parents at their most vulnerable- they’re scared senseless yet still expected to know what to do with this fresh little human they took home just a few days prior. There’s no secret. There’s no quick answer.

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Do I know babies? I absolutely do. That comes with practice and passion. I shot over 20 babies in the last few months alone but I still make no promises. I know you love and care for your child, you want to keep them safe. Everything else is a bonus. I’m not going to guarantee the perfect shot or the perfect sale. What i’m going to guarantee is that when you have me, you have every ounce of my being to make sure that I’ll take care of your baby in the safest manner to get the best images I can get..

newborn photography perth

perth newborn photographer baby photographer

A lot of photographers choose wedding photography over portrait work because that’s where the money is at.. Some of them sincerely love it, some prefer a pay cheque over passion and if that works I’m happy for them. I’m also happy for those who will photograph anything not to turn away work. I get that too. However I see photography like good coffee- you get what you pay for. A company that makes coffee as well as shoes will not be the best at both. It might be OK at both, but for that special occasion where supermarket coffee just won’t do I’m going to head to the specialists, and there isn’t a bigger occasion than the birth of you child.

newborn photography perth

There’s no doubt photography can be costly and and there are reasons behind it.. Yup, we aren’t just greedy artists.. We’ve spent thousands of pounds on gear and back up gear in case of failure.. We pay taxes and sky high insurance rates especially when working with young children. Why? Because so the client and the photographer are covered in case of an accident. It’s vital. I personally wouldn’t let anyone without appropriate training and insurance look after my child and I don’t think anyone should.

perth newborn photographer

The work involved in creating the art of newborn photography is extensive and costly.. From home knitted blankets, wraps and hats that were made from organic, ethnically sourced wool (I will not put just anything on a newborn) to hours in training to get better and sometimes days in post production.. That’s what separates a professional from a hobbyist..

perth newborn photographer

The custom service also does this.. because presentation is everything! Beautiful photographs look so much better framed nicely on a wall than in a drawer on a usb stick..

perth newborn photographer baby photographer

newborn photographer baby photographer perth

I guess I’m asking people to think before bargain shopping when it comes to your little ones.. Cheaper isn’t always better. I’ve been at the receiving end of emails asking to redo their baby session because someone else failed.. And I do. But it gives us all a bad name. Let’save ourselves heart ache and money by doing  research. Meet your potential photographer first. See their products and  previous work (not just the best few on their website). Ask to see a full session or two to see what you’ll actually get and don’t be afraid to ask for their insurance info.