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Anna Perth children's photographer

Beautiful Anna

Perth children’s photographer – Anna

After a few months of squishy newborn babies I met little Anna for her portrait session back in September.

And what a lovely session it was..!

perth children's photographer

Perth children's photographer

Perth children's photographer

I love photographs like these that are completely timeless- these images don’t scream 2016 and so they will never be the kind of images where children say ‘oh mum, what were you thinking’ (and we’ve all had those pictures taken over the years, I certainly have memories of a certain lime green outfit I was photographed in back in 1990s!).

Anna Perth children's photographer

Instead it’s everything my clients love in a portrait. These are the images that children will love as they get older as they’re classic and beautiful and really capture Anna’s personality with her charming smile just as her fantastic personality captured my heart.

Perth children's photographer

Perth children's photographer

Five years is such a fabulous age for photographing children. I love how their little personalities are developed and they are always so full of fun and laughter.

Perth Children's photographer

Perth children's photographer


Thank you for allowing me to photograph this beautiful young lady, mum and dad.

Hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did creating them for you.





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newborn photography session perth

Newborn photography session- auction



I’m auctioning off a full newborn photography package (worth over £550) for charity. The package is for your newborn photography session and the USB with all the images.


This is for an amazing cause.

SANDS is stillbirth and neonatal death charity supporting parents and anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth.  They offer emotional support and information for parents, grandparents, siblings, children, families and friends, health professionals and others.

newborn photography session perth

We want to make as much money as possible for Sands and so if you want to book a photography session for your little one then this is the ideal opportunity to do so for a great cause! The bidding will start at £50 and I will give regular updates on where the winning bid is on my Facebook page. I ask that the winning bid will be paid directly to Tayside Sands and I will provide the winner with all the information required.

newborn photography session perth

Bidding will close Midday on Monday 10th July and the winner will be notified by email and announced on Facebook.

newborn photography session perth


Every single penny raised goes directly to the cause.

If the photography session is not for you, but you fancy making a charitable donation, why not support the cause directly through their website HERE.

As always, all support is very much appreciated.


In loving memory of Mya Grace Haggarty. Sleep tight, babygirl…




baby session perth

Portrait session- baby Adio

Adio’s 7.5 months portrait session

Probably my favourite age.

They all have great personalities. They are so happy to be sitting up and haven’t figured out how to run away yet.  This little man was no exception and melted my heart from the very beginning of his session..

baby photography perth childrens photographer

And I mean how could he not? Full of smiles, cheeky, vocal and all around incredibly cute!

baby session perth

Let me tell you, this baby just lit up the entire room. His smile was infectious and he was just a pleasure to photograph.

family photographer baby session photo

baby session photographer perth

He was such a sweet & easy-going baby for his session! He noticed every little thing around him and loved putting it all in his mouth. I enjoyed meeting him and his parents for this session and it was great to finally put the names to the faces since mum and I have been communicating for a wee while now.

children's photographer perth baby family session

You can see the love this family shares through the photos and in the way Adio looks at his mum and dad.

baby family photographer perth dundee photos

I look forward to seeing more of this little man as he grows.

family photographer portrait baby children's session

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!



All my love,



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girls wear for photo sessions

What to wear for your session..

What you wear matters more than you think…

Styled sessions.

It takes more than a cute subject and fantastic light to create an extraordinary portrait… The clothes you wear and accessories add texture and depth to the photograph so it is important to get it right. Here are a few DO’S and DONT’S for your photography session:

DO coordinate but don’t match.

Pick out a few colours to coordinate between subjects when working with a palette of softer tones and neutrals.

siblings photo session perth photographer

DO go for soft colours such as cream, beige, dusky pink, light grey. They always compliment the subject and don’t take your attention away from them by overpowering the picture.

soft colours for session

DO put little girls in adorable dresses!

clothes for photo session photographer perth

clothes for photo session

clothes for photo session perth

clothes to wear for photo session

DO go for a smart look with boys. As much as their favourite Spider-man jumper might be a tempting option, it’s hard to create artistic and timeless portraits with overly modern and urban clothes.

kids clothes for photos

kids clothes to wera for photo sessions perth

kids clothing for photo sessions

DO accessorize. Scarves, hats, headbands, flowers- all these things can make an image look complete.

children's wear for photo sessions


DON’T wear overly bright colours. They cast visible shadows on people’s skin and take your eye away from the subject.

DON’T wear logos or clothing with writing and/or cartoon characters.

DON’T use sportswear for your portrait session.


Hope you found this short and simple guide useful.

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photo albums perth newborn baby

Photo albums

Digitals vs Photo Albums

We all have sweet little photo albums of us wrapped and kept safely somewhere at our parents homes..

We all had those albums taken out for our boyfriends/girlfriends to see and we, without a doubt, pulled them out when expecting our own children, right? I know I did… I wanted to flick through the pages full of my childhood and quietly imagine what my own little one will look like. Will he have the same blue eyes? Will he snuggly fit the same hand knitted outfit my mother once carefully dressed me in? I took in all imagery looking into my mums eyes in every photo knowing I will have the same loving look in my face very soon..

That’s me..

newborn photographer

baby photographer perth

Sadly, our children will never know the feeling of holding and enjoying their documented childhood in a few years…

21st century has done some great things for photography.. It enabled many talented photographers to get into business and do what they love.. But it also brought in the need to have everything we own ‘digitalised’… What will we pass down through generations? A usb stick? I hope not.. I hope we still have printed photographs and beautiful photo albums our kids can hold and touch in 20 years time..

I know these parents will be able to gift their little one with just that and I’m proud to have been there to help them make it happen..perth photo albums

photo albums

newborn photographer perth

baby photographer perth

newborn baby perth photo

photo albums perth newborn baby

child photographer perth

baby perth photography

newborns baby perth

perth photographer

Make your usb a nice addition for future printing.. Not the only memory from your little one’s childhood.

perth portrait photographer

albums perth

perth baby photographer

newborn photo package perth




Lots of love,