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Family photography session – little Christopher

Family¬†photography session – Perth children’s and family portrait photographer

Family photography for me is alluring, inspiring and¬†simply beautiful…

I hardly ever walk past a family these days without seeing them in front of my lens.. I really do want to photograph them all…

family photography perth

Photographing little Christopher with his mum and dad was an absolute dream… An almost 6 months old little cherub with the most gorgeous gummy smile, a beautiful mum and one besotted dad made the afternoon at the North Inch such a pleasure- working days don’t get any better than that..

children's and family photography

And did I mention just how incredibly cute Christopher is? He’s got the most adorable baby cheeks… The little fella smiled and giggled the whole time- the most content baby I have met.. Of course his dad’s talents at keeping him amused and getting his attention might have had something to do with it..

baby photography perth

He’s going to be a heart breaker when he’s older…

kids photography perth

family photography perth

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, guys! You were fantastic! I hope you enjoy your photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

family photography and children's photography

family photographer perth




P.S Isn’t Christopher’s mummy just gorgeous?

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