Little Jack’s session

Perth Children’s Photographer –

Photography by Laura Chen

You know the show biz saying that you should never work with small children? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.. perth children's photographer 4 Working with Jack (or Jacko as his mum sweetly nicknamed him) was an absolute joy! At the tender age of 15 months this little sweetheart showered me with huge, genuine smiles and I even got a kiss- working days don’t get much better than this 🙂 perth children's photographer 3 As a children’s photographer I always said i’d never ask any child to stand still and smile for the camera- best smiles are the real ones, and sometimes it’s ok not to smile, so little Jack and I just ran around the grass playing, which resulted in natural photographs and us all having a relaxed afternoon… perth children's photographer 2

I really enjoyed my afternoon with you, guys! I hope you love the photographs as much as I enjoyed creating them..

Love, Laura


P.S  Jack, your selfie will always make me smile…

Perth children's photographer 1








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