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Sophie’s 12th Birthday Party

Sophies 12th Birthday party

Perth Childrens Photographer

Photography by Laura Chen


Every childrens photographer will tell you that photographing children’s parties is incredibly fun! There’s nothing formal about their parties therefore you get to be a fly on the wall and capture them at their most natural- laughing, dancing and being cheeky. Can I tell you what’s even more fun? Photographing tweens! You know that age where girls are ‘too old for toys, but too young for boys’ and all the fellas are full of beans and character? Yup, I love it!

Sophie’s 12th Birthday Party was no exception..

For her celebrations Sophie chose Hollywood theme and it was just perfect..

perth children's photographer

perth children's photographer

Hollywood balloons, red carpet, VIP wristbands, celebrity posters, champagne glasses and twinkly lights- Sophie’s party had it all.

Sophie’s mum Lynette did a fantastic job organising the party- the kids were entertained and never stopped laughing..

perth childrens photographer

Or dancing…

perth children's photographer

Or chatting..

perth childrens photographer

There were a few selfies being taken..

kids perth selfie

But most importantly it looked like Sophie had the time of her life.

kids photographer in perth

kids photographer

perth kids photographer

Happy birthday again, Sophie! Hope all the wishes you made come true.




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