Photo albums

Digitals vs Photo Albums

We all have sweet little photo albums of us wrapped and kept safely somewhere at our parents homes..

We all had those albums taken out for our boyfriends/girlfriends to see and we, without a doubt, pulled them out when expecting our own children, right? I know I did… I wanted to flick through the pages full of my childhood and quietly imagine what my own little one will look like. Will he have the same blue eyes? Will he snuggly fit the same hand knitted outfit my mother once carefully dressed me in? I took in all imagery looking into my mums eyes in every photo knowing I will have the same loving look in my face very soon.

That’s me..

Sadly, our children will never know the feeling of holding and enjoying their documented childhood in a few years…

21st century has done some great things for photography.. It enabled many talented photographers to get into business and do what they love.. But it also brought in the need to have everything we own ‘digitalised’… What will we pass down through generations? A usb stick? I hope not.. I hope we still have printed photographs and beautiful photo albums our kids can hold and touch in 20 years time..

I know these parents will be able to gift their little one with just that and I’m proud to have been there to help them make it happen..

Make your usb a nice addition for future printing.. Not the only memory from your little one’s childhood.

Lots of love,


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