Spencer’s newborn session

Perth newborn photographer

As a newborn photographer, there’s nothing more fulfilling than capturing the innocence and beauty of a baby. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a delightful little soul named Spencer.

Before Spencer’s arrival, I carefully prepared the studio, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for both baby and his parents . Soft, natural lighting and cozy props were selected to create a serene backdrop that would enhance the purity and sweetness of every shot.

Everyone- meet Spencer’s ‘big’ brother Coco.

Newborn sessions require a special kind of patience, as babies have their own schedules and moods. Spencer was no exception, occasionally needing soothing or feeding breaks. Patience became my ally as I gently waited for those fleeting moments of calmness and tranquillity when the camera could capture Spencer’s angelic expressions and tiny, delicate features.

Throughout the session, my focus was on creating timeless portraits that would serve as cherished mementos for Spencer’s family. From capturing those captivating, wide-eyed gazes to the tender embrace of Spencer’s parents, every detail was important. I encouraged natural interactions and genuine emotions, resulting in photographs that truly reflect the love and bond shared within this beautiful family.

Every baby is unique, and it was essential to let Spencer’s individuality shine through in each photograph. From the gentle curve of Spencer’s lips to the adorable dimples that appeared during moments of joy, I aimed to capture the essence of Spencer’s personality. These photographs will become a testament to Spencer’s early days, preserving the memories of this precious time forever.

Photographing baby Spencer was an absolute joy. Every session is a reminder of the profound privilege I have as a newborn photographer to witness and document the tender moments of a family’s new chapter.


Laura ♡

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